Stay Connected Where Ever You AreStay Connected To The Organization - Where Ever You Are

Get Company Messages & Notifications Anytime, Anywhere


Get notifications of any message, or activity on your email. With smartphones, you are always connected - where ever you are. Business Leads will follow its way to your mailbox.


Conversations That Matter Find Everything You Need - All At One Place


Eliminate the Drudgery of Scattered Information


You don't have to search through mountains of emails to find what you need. You always have the benefit of Interconnected Information In-Context. Linkflo provides all you need



Share Files With ConfidenceShare & View Files With Confidence


Manage File & Folder Permissions Simply -  Group, User & Role-Based


Manage files and folders within your group. Assign read, write or execute permissions based on user roles. Maintain access to the latest versions, whenever needed



Work TogetherWork Together For Common Goals In Groups


Reduce Meetings & Emails - Save Valuable Time 


Team collaborations can now be independent of time and geography. You do not need physical presence to 'Work Together'.                                         



Create, Edit & Share Content CollaboratelyCreate, Edit & Share Content Collaboratively

Create Sales & Marketing Content by Involving the Whole Group  

Get active participation and involvement of the whole team. Seek team inputs and suggestions without constraints



Easily Search Files, Conversations & Group ContentEasily Search Files, Conversations & Group Content


Work Productively. Find What You Need Instantly. 


Remain connected with your team - always. Search whatever you need in an instant - Files, Conversations or Group Content. Leverage expertise from colleagues, spend less time looking for relevant information and get issues resolved quickly.



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