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Close Deals FasterClose Deals Faster

Agile, Effective and Flexible Sales Transformation System combines Sales, Marketing & Support Automation.    


Provide Information, Tools & Resources to your team on a Single, Integrated Platform


Provide Instant Access to Contacts, Activities & ResourcesGain From Real Time Visibilty



Gain From Real Time Visibilty of Customer Information, Activity &  Interactions Across the Whole Business Process    





Track & Optimize LeadsTrack & Optimize Lead Conversion Processes, Qualify Leads & Convert


Organize, track and follow through on sales leads resulting in more sales, higher revenue and business growth  


Capture leads from website, auto assign based on pre-determined rules, use workflow & exception reporting to manage effectively



Pro-Actively Manage Hi-Value OpportunitiesProactively Manage Hi-Value Sales Opportunities Across the  Business Cycle


Keep Important Sales Opportunities on Your Business Radar and Track Transaction Progress  


Get live reports of key business opportunities, view all interactions and get involved, if necessary. Keep an eye on the timeliness and quality of responses. Identify areas where expertise is needed



Sales Forecasting & Performance ManagementImprove Sales Forecasting & Performance Management


Access Real Time Performance Data - No More Surprises


Make Sales Forecasting an integral part of the selling process. Have a complete visibility of Sales Forecasts by region, territory and account.


Simplify Communication & Track Sales ExecutionSimplify Communication, Track Execution & Encourage Teamwork


Find Everything You Need at One Place  


Eliminate the need of searching through emails to find what you need. Drive better communications within a selling organization and improve customer support by increasing effective communication and teamwork, both inside and outside your organization. Simply enjoy the simplicity of Inter-Connected Data



Business Analytics - Know Exactly Which Sales Stage Your Customer is inKnow The Exact Sales Stage Of Your Customer


 Access Customers by Sales Stage, Region or Territory  


Guide performance improvements - utilize Business Analytics & Custom Reporting




Manage Marketing Campaigns Across The Whole Business Cycle

Manage Marketing Campaigns Across the Whole Life-Cycle


Gain from Real Time Visibilty of Customer Information, Activity & Interactions Across the Whole Business Process  




Focus marketing Efforts on Best ProspectsPrioritize Marketing Efforts on Your Best Prospects


Gain Insights on Your Best Prospects by Simply Following the Cycle - 'Campaign-to-Lead-to-Business'  




Nurture Leads & Target Customer GroupsNurture Leads & Targets with Simplified Communication System


Provide Instant Marketing Messages to Your Targeted Customers




Manage & Access Marketing Resources InstantlyManage & Access Marketing Resources Instantly


Easily manage and provide access to marketing  resources - files and folders by user groups. Assign Read, Write or Execute Permissions based on User Roles. Allows you to maintain access to the latest versions to all concerned at all times.






Allocate Marketing Spends based on Real Conversion Data


Use Powerful Analytics to Get Accurate & Timely Data on 'Conversion to Business'.



Create & Track Marketing Campaigns Collaboratively

Create, Edit & Share Marketing Content Collaboratively

Create Sales & Marketing Content by Involving the Whole Group  

Get active participation and involvement of the whole team. Seek team inputs and suggestions without constraints




Tap Into Social Intelligence, Identify OpportunitiesTap Into Social Intelligence, Identify Opportunities


View interactions with the customers to identify opportunities. Gain unique insights from first hand information - instead of information that is "Handed Down"  



Get The Pulse of Your Business at a Glance


Quickly identify key business issues, drill down to details in just a few clicks


Gain From Real Time Business Analytics- Activity, Opportunities, Performance, Exception Reports & Interactions across the complete business process. Discover what needs your attention and involvement.  Focus your attention on what matters most.


Connect All Parts of Your BusinessConnect & Engage All Parts of Your Business

Benefit from Instant Communication & Involvement of Various Team Members  

Linkflo provides an enterprise level platform where each employee's day to day work is aligned perfectly with the overall business strategy. Key measures are monitored and performance reports can be automatic. Escalations can be programmed based on SLAs and defined rules.



Move Ahead of CompetitionImprove Business Speed, Move Ahead of Competition

Facilitate Quick Business Decisions, know exactly what needs change.

Provide instant access of contacts, interactions and resources to your Sales & Service teams. Measure service delivery and get automatic reports of promises not met



Facilitate Learning & SharingFacilitate Learning & Sharing Within Organization

Wonderful Things Happen When Teams Work Together

Learning and sharing of ideas, successes and business processes get facilitated by Linkflo. Get in touch to understand how Linkflo can benefit your business



Real Time Information & Business PerformanceGet Real Time Information on Opportunities & Organizational Performance

Access Real Time Reports & Manage Hi-Value Sales Opportunities Proactively

You don't have to wait for historical business reports anymore. Just click and access the latest business data. Focus on bigger opportunities or troubleshoot problem areas.



Identify & Remove Barriers, Engage With FrontlineIdentify Road Blocks & Engage with Frontline


Instantly Connect with the Sales & Service Teams When Problems Arise  

Cut across layers and get directly involved wherever needed



Identify Thought LeadersTap Into Social Intelligence, Identify Thought Leaders

View  Team Interactions with Each Other & Interactions with Customers to Identify Leadership Material   

Spot 'Thought leaders' at an early stage and pay attention to their grooming and career progression


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Stay Connected Where Ever You AreStay Connected To The Organization - Where Ever You Are

Get Company Messages & Notifications Anytime, Anywhere


Get notifications of any message, or activity on your email. With smartphones, you are always connected - where ever you are. Business Leads will follow its way to your mailbox.


Conversations That Matter Find Everything You Need - All At One Place


Eliminate the Drudgery of Scattered Information


You don't have to search through mountains of emails to find what you need. You always have the benefit of Interconnected Information In-Context. Linkflo provides all you need



Share Files With ConfidenceShare & View Files With Confidence


Manage File & Folder Permissions Simply -  Group, User & Role-Based


Manage files and folders within your group. Assign read, write or execute permissions based on user roles. Maintain access to the latest versions, whenever needed



Work TogetherWork Together For Common Goals In Groups


Reduce Meetings & Emails - Save Valuable Time 


Team collaborations can now be independent of time and geography. You do not need physical presence to 'Work Together'.                                         



Create, Edit & Share Content CollaboratelyCreate, Edit & Share Content Collaboratively

Create Sales & Marketing Content by Involving the Whole Group  

Get active participation and involvement of the whole team. Seek team inputs and suggestions without constraints



Easily Search Files, Conversations & Group ContentEasily Search Files, Conversations & Group Content


Work Productively. Find What You Need Instantly. 


Remain connected with your team - always. Search whatever you need in an instant - Files, Conversations or Group Content. Leverage expertise from colleagues, spend less time looking for relevant information and get issues resolved quickly.



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