Linkflo helps new customer acquisition and build enduring customer relationships by streamlining processes and facilitating real-time insights. Build new capabilities and strengthen relationships with suppliers, subscribers, business partners, vendors and customers.


Linkflo benefits:


  •     Streamline Customer acquisition process
  •     Segment easily & focus on key segments
  •     Meaure & analyze conversion data to improve effectiveness 
  •     Standardize Processes & engage customers
  •     Prioritize Marketing Efforts on Best Prospects
  •     Plan Projects, Track & Monitor Deliverables
  •     Provide Instant Marketing Messages to Targeted Customers
  •     Create, Edit & Share Marketing Content Collaboratively
  •     Get real time data on the status of every project
  •     Unify Project data for consistent execution - without surprises &  loss of valuable time
  •     Track & Streamline Customer Interaction Process
  •     Manage documents, access Marketing Resources instantly


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