Linkflo CRM


Linkflo® - Business Transformation System - a fully featured, integrated software platform, enables organizations to connect, integrate, automate and accelerate Sales, Marketing & Customer Support activities


Linkflo enhances productivity and facilitates collaboration by connecting and unifying information related to Customers, Prospects, Internal Functions, Branches, Processes and Colleagues.


With Dashboards and Advanced Real-Time Business Analytics, Linkflo provides all the tools and capabilities to implement and monitor your business strategy.


Instant availability of all required info enables Sales, Marketing & Customer Support teams to respond quickly and knowledgeably to Customers as well as Prospects.

Linkflo will help your teams focus on selling, marketing and nurturing customers instead of struggling with emails & excel sheets chasing data


Linkflo System Capabilities include:

Sales Transformation System

Marketing Transformation System

Customer Support Automation

Lead Management

Opportunity Management & Forecasting

Sales Performance Management

Workflow & Case Management

Task Management

Role based access control to protect sensitive information


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