Get Business Pulse


Get The Pulse of Your Business at a Glance


Identify key business issues quickly, drill down to details in just a few clicks

Gain From Real Time Business Analytics- Activity, Opportunities, Performance, Exception Reports & Interactions across the complete business process. Discover what needs your attention and involvement.  Focus your attention on what matters most.


Drive Your Business Strategy

Drive Your Business Strategy With Linkflo

Tools and Capabilities to align, execute and monitor your business strategy  


Linkflo provides an enterprise level platform where each employee's day to day work is aligned perfectly with the overall business strategy. Key measures are monitored and performance reports can be automatic. Escalations can be programmed based on SLAs and defined rules.



Connect All Parts of Your BusinessConnect & Engage All Parts of Your Business

Eliminate boundaries, improve Cross-Functional Collaboration  

Collaboration plays a critical role in the Sales Process of any company.  Simply connect all parts of your business processes, improve cross-functional co-ordination & provide instant answers to customers.  Linkflo provides an enterprise level collaboration environment to facilitate conversations - a platform where employees are able to reference and repeat their successes.



enhance customer support


Enhance Customer Support with Workflow, Automation & Advanced Analytics

Design and automate processes to deliver high quality customer service

Ensure timely and effective resolution to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Create automatic SLA based escalations to ensure quick action. Enhance response quality with well designed personalized email templates. Update customers with latest marketing messages.




Real Time Information & Business PerformanceGet Real Time Information on Opportunities & Organizational Performance

Access Real Time Reports & Manage Hi-Value Sales Opportunities Proactively

You don't have to wait for historical business reports anymore. Just click and access the latest business analytics. Focus on bigger opportunities or troubleshoot problem areas.


Channel Management


Manage all your Sales Channels efficiently


Linkflo provides clear visibility into Channel Partner Engagement and Performance 

Streamline Partner / agent administration with a comprehensive workflow. Support Channel Partners with easy secure access to resources - files and folders by user groups.



Identify Thought LeadersTap Into Social Intelligence, Identify Thought Leaders

View  Team Interactions with Each Other & Interactions with Customers to Identify Leadership Material   

Spot 'Thought leaders' at an early stage and pay attention to their grooming and career progression



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