Linkflo  Marketing Transformation System

Markting Automation System - Track & Manage Effectiveness of Multi-Channel Initiatives and Marketing campaigns with Linkflo


  • Manage Multi-Channel Campaigns - Online, E-mail, Print Media, Trade Shows, Events etc
  • Build Customer Profiles based on Activities, Interests, Interactions & Segment
  • Single Consolidated Platform to Track effectiveness of all Channel Initiatives
  • Nurture Customers & Prospects based on interest shown & activities
  • Segment Customers & Prospects easily & Target customers
  • Create highly focused Personalized Campaigns & measure effectiveness
  • Enhance Marketing effectiveness with personalized email Campaign Templates
  • Monitor leads thoughout the sales cycle
  • Gain clear understanding of the most effective Channels, Segments, Campaigns, Media, Messages & Accounts based on results
  • Campaign Analysis  & Reporting:
    • New Leads Generated
    • Cost Per Lead
    • Leads Converted to Opportunities
    • Leads to Customer Conversions
    • Leads Not Attended To
    • Lead Acquisition Trend Analysis
    • Campaigns that provide Maximum Business
  • Allocate Marketing Resources based on results obtained


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